CICS Irving Park Rainbow Top

A Statement from CICS 

Earlier this Spring, the Archdiocese of Chicago put up their property for sale on Spaulding Avenue, which includes the church and rectory, but it also includes our thriving school community, CICS Irving Park. While CICS has a long-term lease on the school building, the decision by the Archdiocese of Chicago to put their property on sale would have a significant impact on the CICS Irving Park school community. In response, CICS has been working with the Archdiocese of Chicago to ensure that any impact on our school community is minimized and that CICS continues to be part of the Irving Park community for many years to come.

Thus, we are excited to share that CICS is finalizing negotiations with the Archdiocese of Chicago to purchase the CICS Irving Park campus and adjoining rectory and church. The CICS Board of Directors and CICS Network leadership, with support from Distinctive Schools leadership, have approved this purchase and believe that this is in the best interest of CICS Irving Park’s teachers, staff, students, families and the Irving Park community.  

We reached a major and important milestone with the purchase agreement and we will continue to provide important information to keep you informed of this process as the full execution of this agreement is still a few months away.

Our commitment to CICS Irving Park remains strong. This summer CICS completed several projects to prepare our campus for back to school. Our facilities teams were busy making enhancements to the Irving Park campus making it safe and ready to welcome our community on August 23. With an eye toward the future, we will continue to ensure that our awesome, powerful community has a permanent place to call home!  

The CICS school community continues to thrive and is proud to continue to be a part of the Irving Park community now and long into the future. We thank the Irving Park community for its continued partnership!